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What is cost of Indian Weight Loss Diet Plan?

Weight Loss at What Cost?

Weight Loss at What Cost?

What is cost of Indian weight loss diet plan?

We all want to lose weight to be fit and healthy and look our best. This motivates us to follow various diets and exercise plans. Good results, further pushes us to work harder on our weight loss. But before we decide to follow any diet plan we need to be sure how safe is to follow it.

Points to wonder before starting a diet plan

  • Will you be able to follow this plan for life? Short term weight loss plan is of no use as you will regain all the weight you have lost.
  • Will it give you instant weight loss? Your body can not burn more than 2-3 kgs fat in a month. Weight loss more than that is indicating lean muscle loss.
  • Will you be able to maintain the weight loss for more than a year? Fluctuating weight can be very harmful for your heart.
  • Are you skipping any major nutrients in your diet? Losing weight or losing health?? Choice is yours!
  • Are you leading towards a deficiency disease? They will show up a few months later. Don’t ignore the warning signs like muscular cramps hair loss or dry saggy skin.
  • Are you always irritable, hungryand craving for food?you will surely binge on to some unhealthy sugary snack.
  • How energetic are you after starting the diet?

Losing weight is most important for achieving a healthy body but the methods used are equally important. If your weight loss leads to nutritional deficiencies in future all your efforts are in vain.

Here are listed some points to judge if your diet is safe enough to follow

  • Your diet should include all the food groups’ especially healthy fats and carbohydrates. Going on a fat free or carb free diet does give temporary results but can disturb the natural production of the body fluids.
  • Your diet should include all the three meals-skipping meals specially breakfast lowers your metabolic rate and can lead to weight gain later.
  • You should not lose more than 2-3 kgs of weight in a month. Drastic weight loss can disturb the hormonal balance of the body and even have harmful effect on the heart.
  • Should include cheat meals as cheating once in a while relieves us from the stress of following a strict diet. Cheating also motivates us to follow the diet more religiously the next day.
  • You should always be satisfied, happy and energetic. The stress created with starvation can pump up the release of Cortisol a stress hormone. This hormone elevates your blood pressure and heart beat and drops your sugar levels. This automatically creates sugar cravings and binging.
  • Include apt amount of protein. On an average every adult needs 1 gm of protein per kg of body weight. Skipping on protein leads to loss of lean muscle mass from our body which can make your skin saggy and loose. So if you are losing weight on a low protein diet you are not losing your body fat rather losing the fat burning lean muscles.
  • Your diet should not consist of processed foods like breads, biscuits, rusk and pastas. They are loaded with harmful preservatives, salts and hidden fats and sugars. It is always healthier to eat fresh food cooked at home

So the take home message on dieting healthy is

  1. Eat simple home cooked foods
  2. Eat your meals on time in the required quantity
  3. Chew your food well
  4. Don’t stress on your weight
  5. Let weight loss be a natural and gradual process.

Eat healthy live healthy!

Author Info

Rachna Agarwal

Practicing dietitian and clinical nutritionist for more than 20 years. addressing therapeutic dietary needs of patients at various OPD clinics. P.G.D. in nutrition & dietetics. Life member of IDA. Regular free lance writer and columnist for T.O.I. highlighting health and nutrition. Regular participant in various talk shows. Chief dietitian at Weight Studio

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  • Alka mittal

    Can u suggest me a diet plan,coz i have hypo thoyroid and uric acid problem and doctors said that i cant take protien,its very harmful for suggest a diet for me.

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