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How to measure weight?

How to Measure Weight & Body Measurements?

– Measuring weight seems to be very easy. But it’s not that simple as it appears. Accurate weight depends on various factors such as:

Clothes vs. no clothes

should wear light clothes while weighing like for e.g. a jeans weigh 400-600 g. In winters specially weigh yourself by taking out your heavy sweaters and wooll

  • Use same weighing scale: one should use same weighing scale while measuring a weight as different scales give different measurements.
  • Measure once a week: weight conscious people should weigh themselves once a week. If eaten extra calories d night before measuring weight and getting a difference of about 300-400 g then they should not give blame to the previous night calories but day or 2 days before snacking.
  • Weight & constipation: if there is a difference of weight of about 2 kg when you have constipation then one should not correlate it to diet rather should work on constipation.
  • Shoes vs. no shoes: normal weight of a pair of shoes is 500-700 g. So one should weigh by taking out shoes to get the accuracy.
  • Water retention: people take more amount of salt and less water, this leads to retaining of water in their body and can weigh more. Similarly women in their menstrual days can retain more water giving rise to weight.
  • Morning and evening weight: there can be a difference of around 800 g to 1 kg in morning and evening weight. This is ideal, as in morning empty stomach weight is lower than the evening weight after having food. This difference is ideal however difference more than that then one should strictly work on his/her diet regime.

Well the ideal time of measuring the weight is in morning after going loo and before drinking water. Because after having water the weight can vary up to 200-300 gms. So measure your   weight at morning once a week.

Body measurements

getting disheartened when weight scale doesn’t move. Trying body measurement can boost your morale.Body measurements

To get a full picture about your body changes its better to know the fat percentage of your body rather than just weight. When we are exercising we grow more mitochondria deep inside our cells. It means our body has better circulation. We may be shocked that why the weighing scale is not moving? As we slim down we lose our body fat but gain muscle weight.

Fat has more volume in comparison to weight due to various reasons at times we lose only inches but not weight.

So the best way to track your success is by taking your weight & body measurement both. You can measure your bust, chest, waist, hips, thigh, neck, upper arm, calves.

To ensure accuracy one should measure at same place, under same conditions.

So be conscious but don’t be over conscious about weight.

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I am Master in Business Admiration in HR and Finance from Bansthali University. Started my career as Finance Analyst With EXL services. Being an outstanding cook & health conscious, now contributing WEIGHT STUDIO by writing content to educate the people in food & health management.

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