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How long will I have to follow the plan?

It purely depends on how your body is changing and adapting to a new habit.

Is it safe for me to try? Are there any side effects?

It is one entirely safe because the plan is framed only after understanding your body function, medical complications and ailments if any.

What if you include food items that I do not like into the diet plan?

We will make sure that your preferences are taken into consideration. We also pay attention to not including those food items that you are allergic to. We will still be more than happy to change any point during the program if you are not comfortable with anything.

How do I get in touch if I have a doubt or a question?

Our dieticians are always available and will be glad to assist you throughout your journey. We are available over mail, phone, WhatsApp.

What if there are any negative effects of the diet on my body?

Every measure has been taken to avoid any such happening. However, if you feel any complications, we will immediately review and modify it.

What if have diabetes/ PCOD/ Thyroid issues?

We do an in-depth evaluation of your medical history and your lifestyle, only after which we customize a plan for you.

How do I follow my diet plan on occasions like festivals, fasts etc.?

In such circumstances, your counselor who monitors your progress will guide you through the process and provide you with pointers, in advance.

How do I start?

Just get in touch with us at Contact Us and we will get back to you with regard to the process.