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Weight studio an online healthy eating site was created in 2015. The motive behind opening this organization was to motivate the masses to lose weight the healthy way. With the market flooded with all types of crazy fad diets with good instant results the masses are easily fooled to join and follow them.

At weight studio we want to strongly stand against any kind of such misguiding malpractices. We work on making a healthier you with weight loss coming as a side effect.

When a client joins us we first ask them to give us the detail information regarding their health, ailments, habits, likes and dislikes. Our team of experts consisting of doctors, nutritionist, and motivational speakers thoroughly examines the information provided by the client.

Before we start planning the diets we evaluate the main reason why the person gained weight in the past. If the reason is due to a medical condition we work on treating it first. Keeping all the likes and dislikes and their present routine in mind we plan their diet. We make sure the diet provided is career friendly and is easy to follow at work.

Once the diet is sent to the client it is discussed in detail to ensure that he/she is happy and comfortable with the diet. Out team of health coaches are extremely friendly and their motive is to make the client satisfied by all means.

The diet planning is done in such a way that no food group is completely eliminated. Special care is taken to provide all the macro as well as micro nutrients. Our clients are never kept starving for food and in fact we even allow them to cheat once in a week. Regular water reminders are sent to track the water intake. In case one is not able to follow the diet the client is referred to our motivational doctors who work in a scientific way and help them to get over their weaknesses.

Every week a new diet is provided with a different theme. The idea behind this is to avoid any kind of boredom and include the maximum number of health foods. Weekly updates are taken to monitor the weight and inch loss. Our health coaches are regularly in touch with the clients and even help them to party smartly without gaining weight.

We work as a team to make a healthier and leaner you!

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