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70 Interesting Way to Weight Loss

70 Interesting Way to Weight Loss Diets Plans

70 Interesting Way to Weight Loss Diets Plans  I know for doing physical workout each and every day you need to have a strong will power from inside. Here are some ways which can act as a catalyst to your workout regime:

  1. Start by making realistic goals.
  2. Make an easy to follow exercise regime.
  3. Start by doing 15 mins exercise regime and gradually increasing the intensity and time interval.
  4. Personality who has lost weight and attained fitness, make him/her your ideal.
  5. Buy dress which you want to wear after losing weight.
  6. Make exercise fun by doing it with friends.
  7. Swimming a relaxing and full body exercise works best.Girl swimming the crawl stroke
  8. Go for detoxification.
  9. Join nearby gym/yoga classes.
  10. Can also join dance classes.
  11. Download fitness app to track your exercise.
  12. Read fitness blogs.
  13. Treat yourself each time when you achieve your goal.
  14. Wear track suit even if when you are not going for exercise.
  15. Count your calories by keeping a check on what you eat.
  16. Take out your clothes the night before exercise.
  17. Workout with high energy and self-motivated people.
  18. Can buy some exercise stuff and can do it at home.
  19. Keep in mind that you need to shut those people who are your biggest doubters.
  20. Can put a daily reminder on phone.
  21. Can make a group of people in your society and join some gym.
  22. Can also go for Zumba dancing. Zumba-dance-classes-300x199
  23. If housewives or mothers can go out then they can ask some instructor to come at home.
  24. Be stress free.
  25. Celebrate your small success by going for some adventurous trip or trekking.
  26. Put some motivational quotes as a status on your social communication.
  27. Don’t underestimate and start thinking about ‘me & myself’.
  28. Do something different and give a helping hand to your mother or wife or even helper by doing some household stuff like cleaning the home and clothes.
  29. Can also play outdoor games for reducing your calories.
  30. Never eat out unless and until someone else is paying the bill or giving you a Treat.
  31. Attain mental peace by doing some breathing exercise or yoga.
  32. Sign for a commitment contract.
  33. If bored while exercising then buy some audio book and you can listen to them while doing workout.
  34. Keep a balance between delicious and healthy food.
  35. Go for wholegrain food.
  36. Increase you intake of protein as it will make you  feel full after doing exercise
  37. Do it for Insta: go for a long walk where you can stop and take different pictures.
  38. Play with high energy kids.
  39. Try to compete while doing workout so it will help you keep going.
  40. Do it for Medals and Trophies which you will get after running.
  41. To look young and energetic and making age just only a number exercise is must.
  42. Promise to never be last to touch the finish line in race.
  43. Listen to your inner voice which says “I can do this.”
  44. Intense workout can increase your stamina and make you strong.
  45. Do it to look sexy or handsome at some events like friend’s reunion party or some fashion event.
  46. Plan a day on beach and commit yourself to look good.
  47. Never ditch your workout. If cant to because of some circumstances then try not to use lift or vehicle for commuting.
  48. Take some club membership where you can associate with games like Golf, Tennis and Volleyball etc.
  49. Can learn self-defense and go for Judo karate.
  50. Don’t forget to keep an extra set of your workout clothes in your car or locker.
  51. Don’t excuse yourself for making excuses for ditching your workout.
  52. If one day is gone without exercising then compensate on next day
  53. Watch inspirational videos on YouTube
  54. Download some workout videos and do it by watching those videos at home itself.
  55. Listen to rock or your favorite music while doing exercise.
  56. Pen down your feelings after every workout.
  57. Observe yourself and weigh yourself every week. Woman-weighing-herself-on-scales-547649
  58. Eat calories naked in front of mirror.
  59. Track your success and make a pin board.
  60. Always remember your goal that why you have started.
  61. Plan your daily schedule accordingly.
  62. Do action. Just don’t think.
  63. If flexible, fit and strong then can try different sexual positions.
  64. Find what is stopping you from workout. Remove that itch. Plan your time for scheduled tasks and Go ahead.
  65. It’s never too late to start. Give yourself a break and start.
  66. Create a friendly environment where you work out. Be frank to the receptionist who swipes your card, interact a bit with people who come for same classes or same timing. Seeing known faces can remove your consciousness and a workout place would be more enjoying.
  67. To be more efficient at work, workout is must. Increased productivity can increase your rate of success.
  68. Avoid Chronic Diseases: You can’t afford to be bed ridden and taking medicines lifelong. Today’s lifestyle diseases like diabetes, thyroid, arthritis, obesity etc. can be avoided by doing physical workout regularly.
  69. Contact with nature: By living desk bound lives we have lost our contact with nature. Long walk can fill you with freshness as you will love the closeness with nature.
  70. Work life balance: In today’s life the work life balance is easily lost. You can balance it by going on a walk with your family members, doing household tasks, dance with your kids etc.

So for wholesome, fulfilling and productive life just MOVE YOUR BODY.

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Shalu Chaudhary

I am Master in Business Admiration in HR and Finance from Bansthali University. Started my career as Finance Analyst With EXL services. Being an outstanding cook & health conscious, now contributing WEIGHT STUDIO by writing content to educate the people in food & health management.

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