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7 ways to lose weight without reducing the calories

7 ways to lose weight without reducing the calories

7 ways to lose weight without reducing the calories

7 ways to lose weight without reducing the calories

7 ways to lose weight without reducing the calories

Yes it is possible! A lot of us are overweight not because we eat more but because we don’t eat right. Eating the right food combinations, at the right time at the right temperature is a smarter way to digest the food well and prevent obesity.

Making small changes in the diet menu you are already following can show drastic results in improving overall health.

  1. Eat simpler meals- mixing too many food groups in one go can be very difficult for digestion as it is too much work for the digestive tract to produce a variety of enzymes together.
  2. Don’t eat fruits or raw salads with meals. Give a gap of at least 45 minutes between a fruit and a meal and 15 minutes between a salad and a meal. It is best to eat the fruit or salad first followed by the meal.
  3. Don’t drink beverages along with meals. Drinking any kind of beverage along with meals washes away the digestive juices and disturbs the process of digestion. And undigested food leads to diseases and ultimately weight gain. If you have to drink buttermilk or lassi with food wait for 20-30 minutes after meals.
  4. Eat your food hot. Hot meals can instantly promote secretion of gastric juices for better digestion and assimilation. Avoid eating cold desserts or ice creams along with meal.
  5. Chew your food. By simply chewing your food well you can burn more calories because chewing mixes more saliva in food and saliva stimulates the secretion of gastric juices.
  6. Divide your meals well throughout the day. Ideally one should eat 3 major meals with a gap of minimum 4 hours and maximum 6 hours. First meals of the day should be eaten within 2 hours after waking up.
  7. Avoid mixing tomatoes in your pulses. Tomatoes are acidic and can make digestion of pulses [especially whole pulses like kabuli channa or rajmah difficult. The simpler the recipe, quicker is the digestion.

So just try and make these simple changes in your diet and enjoy to see your weight trickling down!

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Rachna Agarwal

Practicing dietitian and clinical nutritionist for more than 20 years. addressing therapeutic dietary needs of patients at various OPD clinics. P.G.D. in nutrition & dietetics. Life member of IDA. Regular free lance writer and columnist for T.O.I. highlighting health and nutrition. Regular participant in various talk shows. Chief dietitian at Weight Studio

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