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11 Steps to Stop Hair Fall and Baldness Diets Plans

11 Steps to Stop Hair Fall and Baldness Diets Plans

11 Steps to Stop Hair Fall and Baldness Diets Plans

– Here are some healthy dietary tips for healthy, lustrous, strong and shiny hair. The best hair spa cannot help as much as what a healthy diet can do to improve the quality of your hair.

11 Steps to Stop Hair Fall and Baldness Diet Plans

Feed your hair with-

1. Sprouts- one of the best source of protein especially for the vegetarian.

2. Wheat grass juice– it’s a natural multivitamin. Will improve haemoglobin and make hair

stronger. As its gluten free can be consumed by people who are suffering from celiac disease


3. Eggs- complete protein. Eat one but eat both the yolk as well as the white.

4. Quinoa/amaranth- both from the same family. Complete protein with 0% cholesterol. Best

food specially for vegetarians.

5. Pumpkin seeds- pumpkin seeds are able to increase hair growth, even for balding men!

6. Curry leaves- help in restoring the strength in hair follicle. Eat them fresh or apply a paste

directly on the scalp.

7. Amla- including amla in any form in your diet not only stimulates and strengthens the hair

but also builds up your immunity.

8. Dried apricot/prunes/cranberries- all are rich source of zinc, a mineral needed for building

new hair.

9. Ghee- including 2 tsp ghee daily in your diet will give the required shine to your diet

10. Water- increasing water intake is the best way to prevent dry and fizzy hair.

11. Exercise- Lastly include any form of exercise and meditation to distress your mind, as stress is the main reason for increased hair fall.

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Rachna Agarwal

Practicing dietitian and clinical nutritionist for more than 20 years. addressing therapeutic dietary needs of patients at various OPD clinics. P.G.D. in nutrition & dietetics. Life member of IDA. Regular free lance writer and columnist for T.O.I. highlighting health and nutrition. Regular participant in various talk shows. Chief dietitian at Weight Studio

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